In the south-west coast of Naxos, at Pyrgaki, just 100 meters away from the sea, a complex of 26 independent holiday villas have been laid, ready to welcome you to a comfortable and pleasant stay. The panoramic view of the sea, the magnificent Cycladic natural landscape, the sheltered southern golden sand beach and the calmness of the area are ideal conditions all year round.

The resort is set at the end of a private lane, located between the beach and the country road that connects Pyrgaki to Chora. All villas offer a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. Each villa, ranging from 110 to 220 square meters offers 3 levels, harmonically combining the simplicity of the Aegean architecture with modern construction and a contemporary perception of spacious and functional areas.

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The Beaches

The Island of Naxos has a large selection of picturesque beaches. There are beaches for all types, some are very organized and offer a wide range of water sports and fun for adults and children, and others quiet, abandoned and isolated but with crystal clear waters and golden soft sand.

Most of Naxian beaches have restaurants, taverns and cafes located at a short distance, where visitors can have a meal, a beer or a cool refreshing drink after a day under the stimulating Naxos’ hot summer sun.

The most popular beaches are located on the western side of the island, where tourism is highly developed and are not affected by the northerly summer winds of the Aegean, while the eastern side is secluded and affected by the wind.

Agia Anna Beach and Agios Prokopios Beach are two of the most popular beaches on Naxos and are located around 6 kilometers towards the south of the main town of Naxos. Agia Anna is lined with cedar trees, while Agios Prokopios has pool -like waters. They are both long and sandy, filled with umbrellas and sunbeds. Very close, the charming beach of Stelida can also be found.

Traveling further south you come across the seaside settlements of Maragas and Plaka, where you will find beautiful stretches of white sand, lined with tavernas & beach bars. Plaka Beach has a beautiful view of the neighbouring island of Paros.

Very close to Plaka you will come across the beautiful beach of Orkos, with its soft sand and green setting, Orkos beach attracts many visitors every summer.

The beach of Agios Georgios (also known as St. George Beach) is located right next to the main town in Naxos (Chora) making it very popular. It is a very organized beach and offers its visitors a wide selection of water sports, activities, as well as restaurants, tavernas, cafes and beach bars.

The five beaches of Mikri Vigla, Sahara, Kastraki, Pyrgaki and Agiassos, located on the southwestern cost of the island, have beautiful soft sand and crystal-clear waters.

The incredibly beautiful beach of Mikri Vigla consists of two wonderful sandy beaches separated by an imposing hill.  The northern beach of Mikri Vigla, with soft golden sand and crystal-like turquoise waters is blessed by the meltemi (north winds specific to the Cyclades) making it an ideal place for wind/kitesurfing. The beach is an internationally famous kitesurfing and windsurfing spot. The southern beach of Mikri Vigla (on the other part of the hill) is an endless sandy beach with amazing quartz waters and is protected from the meltemi winds making it ideal for family holidays. You can find a typical Greek taverna also located there.

Further from Mikri Vigla Beach, the beach of Sahara is located just behind it and is a large and calm beach with golden sand and translucent waters. Sahara Beach is a calmer alternative to Mikri Vigla for windsurfers who want to escape the crowd of the popular beaches. The area is also great for snorkeling.

The beach of Kastraki is located just after Sahara and is a beautiful golden sandy beach with sparkling waters. Kastraki is long and winding with lots of different coves. The area is quite unspoiled and surprisingly few people make their way down to this beach. There are interesting rock formations just out into the clear water.

“At the Beach life is different”

Pyrgaki beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Naxos that reflect the peace and serenity of the island. This beautiful beach has some umbrellas and sunbeds for tourists, while the close restaurant also serves traditional Greek food, coffees, drinks and snacks. It is a nice spot for windsurfing. The shallow waters are a great advantage for children and the small forest areas form an unusual scenery.

The beautiful beach of Agiassos is the last beach of the eastern side of the island. Agiassos is surrounded by green hills that harmonically match the blue of the sea. It is protected by strong winds whereas the shallow waters are quite safe for the children. The peaceful landscape and the tavernas with the delicious dishes make Agiassos a lovely place to visit. It is also an ideal place for diving due to the clean water.

Travelling from southern Naxos up the eastern coast, you will find the quiet Kalandos Beach, the cedar-lined Psili Ammos Beach and a series of coves known as Moutsouna Beach.

Psili Ammos is a small sandy beach on the eastern side of Naxos island, in short drive from the fishing port of Moutsouna. Located 45 km south east of Naxos Town, this is a secluded place with soft fine sand and crystal water. It is not organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and its secluded environment gives visitors all the relaxation they need to enjoy the wonderful view of the small island of Donoussa. The cedar trees that line up the beach offer valuable shade to visitors.

The pretty, pebbly beach of Lionas, on the northeastern side of Naxos, is a good place to have a peaceful swim. Apollonas Beach is a magical spot, characterized by small picturesque coves and beautiful blue waters.

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